Agricultural Adaptation in Niger


Project Description

Sustained yield improvements in the Sahel require intensive agricultural practices, namely, those that aim at increasing soil fertility and yields in the dryland areas of Sahelian West Africa, through techniques such as rainwater harvesting (RWH). Yet despite decades of projects promoting the adoption of RWH, their adoption remains low, in part because few interventions have sought to directly address market failures that constrain adoption. This research seeks to better understand the barriers to the adoption of a particular RWH technique, demi-lunes (half-moons), by small-scale farmers in Niger, as well as the impact on agricultural profits. The results from a randomized control trial, based upon a pilot conducted in 30 villages in Niger 2015, will be used to provide insights into underlying barriers to adoption, and the cost effectiveness of strategies for addressing these barriers.


Project Lead: Jenny Aker

Additional Researchers: Kelsey Jack

Research Assistant: Mohamed Sacko


Sahel Consulting


Hewlett Foundation, ATAI