Building robust climate information systems: Differentiating between disaster and adaptation in Papua New Guinea


Project Description

Climate information plays a critical role in supporting adaptation to climate change. When gathered, analysed, and distributed effectively, climate information can help governments plan for climate impacts and design programs and policies to adapt while increasing the resilience of individuals and nations. This study seeks to address the following research questions through a case study in Papua New Guinea: How can climate information networks and associated services contribute to adaptation initiatives? How does this value added differ from the use of climate information systems for disaster preparedness and response, and what are the challenges and opportunities to developing a robust early warning system in Papua New Guinea? Through interviews with key stakeholders in Papua New Guinea, as well as analysis of existing climate information and early warning adaptation projects, this research seeks to add to our understanding of the role of climate information services for adaptation.

This research is being conducted in parallel with an internship at UNDP supporting the development of a GCF proposal for PNG.


Project Lead: Laura Kuhl

Research Assistants: Elizabeth Minchew




Hewlett Foundation, Darrel Climate Results Fund