Local Incentives for Terrestrial Climate Mitigation


Project Description

This project examines the potential for local incentives in Brazil to drive climate mitigation policy and reduce deforestation, focusing on the land use, land use change, and forestry sector.  Questions this study is looking into include: How and why do co-benefits drive changes in climate change mitigation policy?  Can co-benefits-focused strategies grow constituencies for climate action?  What strategies have successfully employed co-benefits discourses to drive change in climate policy?  Why or why not might such strategies be transferrable?  Might co-benefits help to coordinate climate action with actions towards achieving other aims such as the Sustainable Development Goals?  What are priority actions to harness local incentives information to promote climate action?


Project Lead: Avery Cohn

Research Assistants: Graham Jeffries, Ozgur Bozcaga


Darrel Climate Results Fund