National Climate Funds


Project Description

This project consists of two components: support for the national climate fund design process for Fiji, including validation of an assessment of the feasibility of a National Climate Fund (NCF) for Fiji and a South-South learning exchange on National Climate Funds in the Pacific; and an updated National Climate Funds Guidebook. Through the GCF Readiness Programme, UNDP has been working with Fiji on assessing the feasibility of establishing a National Climate Fund.  A feasibility study was completed last year, which needs to be presented to the government for discussion and further consideration.  The CPL will work with UNDP to present the findings of the feasibility study, conduct stakeholder validations assessments, and collect feedback.  UNDP has also been working to produce guidance on establishing national climate funds, and the CPL will contribute to this effort.


Project Lead: Rishikesh Bhandary




Hewlett Foundation