Policy Briefs and Reports

CIERP's Annual Report: Year in Review 2017-2018.

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Narassimhan, E., Gallagher, K. S., Koester, S. and Rivera Alejo, J. (2017). Carbon Pricing in Practice: A Review of the Evidence. Medford, MA. Climate Policy Lab.

CIERP Annual Report 2017

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Bhandary, R., and Narassimhan, E. (2016). Making the Green Climate Fund Transformational. CIERP Policy Brief.

Gallagher, K.S. (2016) The Carbon Consequences of China’s Overseas Investments in Coal. CIERP Policy Brief.

Bhandary, R. R., Gopalakrishnan, T., Kuhl, L., Tessier, L., Gallagher, K.S., Metcalf, G.E. (2016)
Post Paris Research Needs in Climate Policy CIERP Energy, Climate and Innovation Discussion Paper 12.

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Gallagher, K.S. (2016) The Carbon Consequences of China’s Overseas Investments in Coal.CIERP Policy Brief.

CIERP Year in Review 2015 - 2016

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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The role of innovation policy and market creation.
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In the News

Kelly Sims Gallagher is quoted in Caixin on the carbon lock-in effects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Kelly Sims Gallagher argues that State cap-and-trade systems offer evidence that carbon pricing can work.

Kelly Sims Gallagher writes in response to the IPCC report that "Virtuous Climate Cycles" are needed.

China may meet some targets under the Paris climate agreement early, Kelly Sims Gallagher tells CNBC in an interview.

让“一带一路”绿起来加拉格尔: Kelly Sims Gallagher's op-ed about China's polluting overseas investments is published in Chinese.

Kelly Sims Gallagher authors op-ed in the Financial Times warning that China's Belt and Road Initiative is a conduit for polluting investments.

China’s Foreign Investment Projects Transfer Carbon Emissions Too. Kelly Sims Gallagher quoted on research published in recent report on China's Overseas Development Finance.

Critical NASA program cut by Trump re-introduced in latest budget. Kelly Sims Gallagher quoted on why CMS is essential to monitoring whether signatories to the Paris agreement are adhering to targets.

Kelly Sims Gallagher and Phil Duffy, president of CPL partner Woods Hole Research Center, are quoted on why cancelling NASA's Carbon Monitoring System is a mistake: Trump White House quietly cancels NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cuts

Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher is quoted in New York Times article: China Unveils an Ambitious Plan to Curb Climate Change Emissions

Professor Barbara Kates-Garnick sets out how MA could finance climate change projects abroad through donations from state tax refunds.

Kelly Sims Gallagher discusses how the U.S. election shifted the international politics of climate change with Here & Now's Robin Young.

Kelly Sims Gallagher comments on early trends for federal funding of environmental research.

Writing for The Conversation, Kelly Sims Gallagher asks 'How does a US President settle on his Science Policy?'

Kelly Sims Gallagher previews CoP22 with Al Jazeera

Professor Sims Gallagher on Making Overseas Investments Skew Green

Kelly Sims Gallagher on "Green Finance: The Next Frontier for U.S.-China Climate Cooperation"